Laceface is old, perhaps even as old as time. She carries the suffering and joy of a thousand years. It’s a heavy burden. As a child, Laceface would play with her dolls with abandon and love without care. That was until her showing of love was rewarded with indifference by her cruel step mother. She soon learned that her carefree giving nature was harmful to some who were not as free emotionally.

While Laceface was making clothes for her dolls one day, she fell onto her sewing machine and accidentally stitched a panel of lace to her face. At first the pain was unbearable, but as the days went by and the scarring healed, she realised she was happier than ever as her callous step mother – and those of her ilk – could no longer see her emotions clearly on her face. At last she could cry without being told she was weak!

Laceface always found solace with the kindly old crazy lady in town called Crazy Lady. Crazy Lady encouraged Laceface in the ways of music by playing her old vinyl records. One day after the terrible lace accident, Crazy Lady noticed the size of Laceface’s hands. At four years old, they were already the size of a ten year old boy! Crazy Lady had a middle name. It was Cello. Guess what she had hiding out the back just waiting for Laceface?

Crazy Cello Lady proclaimed Laceface to be the next Jacqueline Du Pre. Alas, such greatness was not to be, for as the lace on her face had been her emotional saviour, it had also poisoned her body. Her joints were weak, she snapped, she locked, she bent the wrong way… But her heart was still strong and it helped her play with even more pathos, while she explored different ways to play her cello.

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